Be Fabulous Travel Tip: Packing

March 20, 2007 at 3:06 pm by Designer Ella

A quick trip for packing lighter, while staying faaabulous!

While packing your shoes, skip the paper stuffing, instead use undies and/or socks and save extra space! Possibly for more pairs or purchases on return! Faaaaab.


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3 Responses to “Be Fabulous Travel Tip: Packing”

Meril aka Shoegal Says:

Great tip!

BTW, do you know who should I contact about Lipped Medias new blogger position? I emailed but I think it got lost in the cyber space :(

suki Says:

YUP, I definitely do that. It’s great for keeping the shape of the shoes…

Designer Ella Says:

Thanks girls.

Shoegal, c’est moi. I’ll get back to you! I received many responses, so it’s difficult to respond to every one.

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