My Buy: Kate Spade Shades

July 22, 2006 at 4:40 pm by Designer Ella

This is what I bought in my shopaholic whims. It wasn’t a last-minute impulse buy, though. I’ve been thinking about getting Chanel sunglasses, but there are reasons not to (okay, price). Also, I really just want what looks best on my face, and that is pure Jackie O. And one needs to and must, must, must try on every sunglass purchase before committing. Doing that, and having tried on my old cheapies once more, these are the best!

Kate Spade Sunglasses

I bought these Kate Spade Jackie Os with a K logo on one side and zebra print on the inside. They’re really nice and were $168 with tax. The shop, Solstice, also had perfection Chanel logo’d ones with the Cs and Swarovski quilting, but they weren’t Jackie Os (and the price!). The boutique even had less expensive shades, or similar ones that were polarized, but I really liked these on my face (and they at least have some logo).

I have to confer with my friend Diana (Shopaholic D) more though.

And I can ask you. Is Kate Spade good enough for a designer pair of shades? Will people recognize the logo? Yes, I do in fact care about these things. Yes, I know.

More pictures will come soon when I make my decision (as you can see, this picture has the yellow tag) … including one of my cute face!

Yesterday’s Bag (I also think I need better rain shoes to go out in today’s weather. I’m going to try to shop for some): Liz Claiborne Leather Metallic Croc-Embossed Pocket Bag


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11 Responses to “My Buy: Kate Spade Shades”

Shopaholic D Says:

These are cute! If you don’t have time to email me this picture, I can copy it from here and enter it in the July contest…just let me know!

:) D

Designer Ella Says:

Sure, I have other pictures, too. And I’m still waiting on that perfect bag to arrive! I also need to take photos of my bridesmaid Suart Weitzman shoes and Coach evening bag to match, but my feet seem swollen! I’m so picky about feet. I can take ‘em without. I’ll try to get it in!

About more Spade Shades (I think I’m lovin’ that..) shots, I need to do my hair all pretty to take the face photo. (I want you to judge how my face looks in them, it’s not for the contest.)

In the mean-time, I’d definitely also like to enter my new vintage Gucci bag.

Thanks for visiting and commenting! I really do hope you enjoy the blog, as a shopaholic (and a friend). ;-)

Shopaholic D Says:

Hey hun!

can’t wait to see the other pictures! ooohhh….that Gucci is fab!!

Oh, and def send the sunglass pictures! Did you want me to go ahead and copy that Gucci picture for the contest? I think I can pull it off the web…hmmm….though I haven’t checked my email recently, and it’s completely possible you’ve already sent it to me….lol….just let me know

:) D

PS I LOVE this blog! I need to add it to my blogroll!!

Designer Ella Says:

I took the face/shades photos, but I’m not sure how they turned out. I’m not about to go fret over fixing them up. My hair’s a bit flat today, but I’m getting a needed haircut Saturday. I’m sure these are good enough to just send to you. But I want to make sure I take a good one for this blog.

I love them except if I flash one of my famous happy smiles, I think I look silly. Little grins are cute, though.

Thanks! I love my Gucci. Thing is I love so many other Guccis! Ha.

Yes, please copy it.

Thanks for likin’ the blog! :-D

Louise Says:

Hey, like the blogg. Despite this i have to comment about the sunglasses and your question about the designer issue. Kate Spade has cute stuff but the glasses do not count as designer! Of course real designer glasses are expensive, but its so worth it! Splurge on a pair of Chanel, u know u want to.

Joanne Says:

Yeah I have to agree with Louise. Kate Spade is not even that good and her sunglasses are like toys for children. Designer is Louis Vuitton, Marni, Chloe. On the same note, COACH is a horrible brand with a horrible logo. Why do you insist on spending money on Coach when if you save up, you can buy a much better bag that is much better quality. Coach is a joke. It’s so tacky but not so tacky it’s cute like Louis Vuitton charm bracelets. Coach is vile.

Designer Ella Says:

Coach is the most attractive to me. I love their classic-esque leather bags. I love their Signature pattern, because it reminds me of butterflies.

Jacquard fabric is so much nicer than some canvas coated in plastic.

The bags really are quality and they last. They’re unique in their type of quality, they were started from the fine quality of baseball glove leather. Today, they conform to the owner in ways that you just have to experience and love.

The stitching is good, etc. etc.

Coach has some whimsical bags but they’re not as tacky as some tacky LVs. I don’t even buy the whimsical ones. There are bags for everybody.

Coach is just my favorite, they speak to me the most. I like more bags of theirs than of one designer.

The prices are better, too, and I’m not someone to own just a Marc Jacobs, a Gucci and an LV and be done. I love having more bags. It’s more fun to me. I also feel that those are names are too expensive for not better quality. That’s a huge joke, right there.

I don’t think that a $160 pair of sunglasses is a child’s toy. The glasses are nice, and I can’t imagine $300+ on sunglasses is justifiable. They can break, scratch, or you can lose them. It’s stupid. I may love a great coveted logo and especially Chanel, but I can’t do it.

I will however look for the right pair of vintage Chanels the next time I go antiquing, oh I can’t wait.

Shopaholic D Says:

I don’t think I own anything by Kate Spade, but I looove Coach! Maybe it’s a southern thing, but it’s pretty big around here, and the bags seem really well made!

Designer Ella Says:

It’s huge here, too. I think its a price point slash luxury brand thing.

It’s kind of nice that I have Kate Spade Shades, because I don’t like her bags (he he he) and I do want one item from a varied collection of designers.

Am I nuts?

Joanne Says:

Coach isn’t really considered designer in Europe. It’s looked down upon as a brand. Same with Kate Spade and I didn’t say $300 equals a child’s toy. I said it LOOKS like a child’s toy - i.e. not classy or worth $160 at all.

Designer Ella Says:

No, they don’t look like a child’s toy. They look sophisticated and so much better than the usual $12 most sunglasses people buy cost. They are the perfect Jackie Os that flatter me the best. So what if there are no Swarovski quilts? Maybe that’s tacky to many people.

And about Coach. Some designers cost less. Bags don’t need to cost $1,000+++ to be quality. Coach is quality and beautiful. And what about further discrepancies? Is a $1,000 bag less designer than a $12,000 one? There’s a bigger difference there! What IS the difference, really, between Gucci and Coach? Not much to me. Just that I can’t own many Guccis at all. That stuff makes me sad.

Hey, maybe designer bags shouldn’t make people sad! Hooray for Coach.

Also, there are reasons Coach costs less, mainly they make larger production runs. So what? Coach has more profit than any other luxury brand! That’s great.

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