Untimely Delivery

August 8, 2006 at 5:50 pm by Designer Ella

As you may know, a family pet died last Monday.

The next day, one day ahead of schedule, my baby Coach arrived.

Coach Medium Carryall

Naturally I wasn’t as excited as I would have been before. I have life in better priority now. I took time off to be with family that week, but it was not plain old baby-bag maternity leave, unfortunately.

Still, my love did grow for this bag, as that should be clear with me.

Coach Medium Carryall

I have not named it though. I don’t look at it and feel a name. Do you want to help me name it?

I might want to give it a name that somewhat reflects the late pet, Natasha Grace, but I don’t want to give Tasha’s name to a bag. Even I don’t like that. Tasha belongs to her alone.

It could reflect that it is my baby of a bag. It could reflect the Signature. And it is a Hamptons, if that helps. Also, I’m open to either male or female names. Before it arrived, I was thinking I might go male.

Here is one large picture:

Coach Medium Carryall

Bag I last wore: (pictured above) Coach Hamptons Medium Signature Carryall with Chestnut Calf Leather Trim.


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5 Responses to “Untimely Delivery”

Diana Hughes Says:

I would name it “Gorgeous”!!! I want this bag! I have been looking for an exact style like this… and then I saw this bag in black at Nordstrom’s - it was good, but thought I would hold off to see if I could get it in a brown pallette - I almost screamed out loud when I saw this on your website!!

Did you order this directly from Coach?? I have been feverishly checking their website, but I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t find this one in the catalog or website, so I was getting scared that maybe it was an older style that Nordstrom’s only had the black in!!

OH the many things I would sell to be able to afford this bag!!!

Thanks in advance on the info… And the only name that comes to mind is “Devinette”… sexy, yet sophisicated… But then, I’m not very good with naming things… ( my cat’s nickname is “Kitty”).

Designer Ella Says:

I think it’s coming out in early September. I received it August 1st though! You can order it at a Coach store, and it should arrive in a few days!

It’s slightly different from the Medium Carryalls of past. It has more of a satchel shape, which I love. All of the details on this bag were a surprise for me. All I could see in the tiny picture was khaki/silver/dark brown medium carryall. They told me that it was pebbled calf leather, NOT SUEDE (did NOT want suede), NOT Vachetta. I was excited about that, too. (I don’t like how we can’t clean or moisturize Vachetta.)

One thing that you can’t tell from this picture is that when held, the handles straighten, so they’re longer. That bothers me just a bit, but I love the bag.

I hope you get it soon! Feel free to give it one of your lovely names!

(To me, this is more of a basic, shoulder, every day bag, believe it or not.)

Shopaholic D Says:

Clarissa! I don’t know why - it was just the first name that popped into my head…lol! I’m posting my rules for this months contest - it’s super fun - I hope you can enter! This month’s swag - a free indie designer clutch! :) D

Gloria Says:

I’m not big on coach (it seems everyone in the tri-state area has a coach something or other) but as soon as I saw that bag I thought it was cute and almost looks like a brown puppy itself.

Designer Ella Says:

Thanks, Diana. Is it too late for the contest?

Thanks, Gloria.

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