Crazier than Usual

July 20, 2006 at 5:17 pm by Designer Ella

I’m going crazy!

No, moreso than usual, really.

I ordered the perfect (upcoming) bag from Coach, one I’ve wanted (and hunted like mad for) for a year and they’ve finally made it to my specifications (although not literally). It’s supposed to ship today, but I’ve still been wishing, hoping, and hawk-eyeing the mail carrier and trucks all week.

Today, I was ready to sing “Glory Glory! Hallelujah!” (Okay I already did, because I’m crazy—I was like praying for it to come.) I saw all various forms of shipping service trucks go by my neighborhood and got excited each time (they pass my street, then head back). But no. No bag yet.

The last thing I had ordered from Coach came in what seemed like two days, so I’m hoping Saturday!

Meanwhile, I’m all manic that I don’t have my bag yet. It’s bad.

Let’s hope it comes to my liking, and let’s hope I don’t repeat this process too soon after. I doubt that—like I said, this has been my perfect dream bag for months.

So, it’s like … no wonder I’m so anxious to get it, right? It’s worth the loonies.

I’m justified.

Now that that’s settled, let’s give me my reward for not being too, too unhealthy! Only my third (and final) bag this month! Good me! ;-)


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2 Responses to “Crazier than Usual”

Brianne Says:

Will you post a pic of the bag when you get it? I love Coach and would like to see it! I share your excitement about getting NEW items in the mail! The only addiction I have (more than bags and shoes) is jewelry. You may like to check these out.


Designer Ella Says:

Yes I will!

A very small package came today—shoes. They are additional ones to sandals that are so comfy, but overworn. They’re a practical thing. Bum.

I still hold out hope for today! Now I’m worried, does Coach’s shipping service deliver on Saturdays??!

I love those charms! I’d like to see more logo/designer-inspired, especially Coach. (Is that bad?)

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