Ella Flashback: The Non-Name Dropper

December 19, 2006 at 3:54 pm by Designer Ella

This post is apart of my blogging anniversary series on the Unraveling of Ella over these 2 years.

It seems difficult to imagine that I once didn’t know the collections of Louis Vuitton bags. I’m sure I always at least vaguely knew the name. I didn’t know the style shapes, but before two years ago, did I even recognize the logo??? (I hope so to the dear Lord.)

This thought is scary to me. Quite. Yes, this thought.

Being a fashion blogger now, I need to know these things and more. But am I better off? Now I see a bag and a designer or style name immediately comes to mind (well not always). Is this good, or am I using my brain power for evil?

There was one day early into bag blogging at Pursed Lips, when I didn’t think too far into things, to flesh out the pieces. For instance, when I wrote a designer name, I didn’t think about who was behind the label. I, along with everyone in the modern world, knew that Gianni Versace was killed, and that his odd sister, Donatella, took over his design world. I knew this (and the Saturday Night Live skit about her), but when I wrote about bags I didn’t think of it. Not the they, he, she, it, no they were just bags.

I liked bags, but I definitely started out not knowing much. Pursed Lips began just as a journey into becoming a bag lady. I really, really liked bags, enough so to have a separate blog, but I was no expert. Who cares as long as you’re passionate? (Well many do.) But the blog’s grown, I’ve become quite knowledgeable, I love the blog dearly now and am so glad I have it.

Versace Snap Out of It BagBut still there was one early day when I ragged on an ugly, overdone Versace bag and pretty much asked, “What was Mr. Versace thinking?” (Actually, I said “he” must have been high making the bag.) Because hey, all corporate heads are big floating “The Man” right? I think this is where I came from.

But I was corrected, that Versace’s head designer was a woman. Ms. Versace, indeed. And then my knowledge came to me, Donatella Versace = Versace = click! Thus I started a new thought process while blogging. And sometimes I needed to do more research.

It’s embarrassing to remember such things, but none of it really matters. I have fun, I enjoy playing the name game now, and also have some success through this learning process. Not bad.

Anyway, now I can tell you all the variations of Louis Vuitton monogram, call out style names, and tell if they’re fake. Quite a way indeed.


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Saskia Baron Says:

Despite your faux pas, you were definitely right about that horrendous bag. What fun to look back and see how far you’ve come. Thanks for making me giggle.

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