This Shopaholic’s Budgeting — Purse Ban!

March 6, 2007 at 7:28 pm by Designer Ella

It’s true, I must put myself on a serious handbag restriction. I might buy one Coach this month, and perhaps an Isabella Fiore from Neimans after I pay the bill.

I went into this figuring out my budget, getting depressed, not sure I could stick to a purse restriction, but basically what money I have this month (since it needs to go to bills, to invest in the network/my business and to buy plane tickets for Spring Break) doesn’t give room for bags. I couldn’t possibly not stick to my bag ban.

No Shopping

And you know it doesn’t feel so bad. I hope to have the funds, thanks to eBay selling, to buy a bag and maybe a couple small things at the COACH Preferred Customer Event, but other than that I’m so over needing to buy handbags all the time. Oh don’t get me wrong, my designer wish list is still huge, and it worries me that I won’t be able to score catches by the time they’re gone, but overall I’m less into it.

Chloe BagI’m even less into carrying my bags. I think it’s because I sort of resent them for me spending my money on them. Yeah, perhaps silly.

Anyway, I’m doing it, I’m budgeting. I’m doing my best to pay off my CCs, and I’m sort of not broke.

I’ll keep you updated.

Recently carried bag: Chlo√© “Sugar Plum” Betty


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3 Responses to “This Shopaholic’s Budgeting — Purse Ban!”

michelle Says:

wow- you need help-

Designer Ella Says:

I know - like a lotto win (although preferably more than the current 19 Mil) or even the assurance that those IT bags will be huntable in some months time. Oh sigh.

Designer Ella Says:

Or a support group!

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