Purchased a Paddington! Finally!

December 29, 2006 at 9:08 am by Designer Ella

I’ve been desiring a Chloé Paddington before I even knew it. Pursed Lips readers may remember I searched and searched for a bag with side belts/straps for months. (Somehow, I needed it, and it’s also an aspect I wish to focus on in one of my dreamed for handbag lines.) I finally settled on a few styles of large Coach satchels, and although I loved them, they didn’t satisfy my need.

Now I know Paddingtons are more about the huge padlock at the top, but they’re also the most known bag with side belts, and the satchels have just the right shape. Plus, they’re IT bags, and basically my first main IT bag I ever owned!

So first I searched and bought all the wrong bags, I bought Paddington copies by BCBG Max Azria, even. I liked the Paddington, I wanted the Paddington, but not enough to want to pay the price.

Then I was on some handbag blog and saw there was a sale on Paddingtons - 50% off. Oh, at that $800 price, I suddenly needed one. Needed one like a replacement liver! But it turned out to be a private sale for special customers, and I missed out. And some months ago, I joined the eBay bag message board, read guides, and learned a lot more about differentiating fakes from the real thing. And I knew the real thing when I found one in my perfect color, Chocolate, lovingly used at just the right 50% off price! (Plus at these forums, one gets feedback on authenticity opinions.)

And I’ve read that Paddingtons are over, but a gorgeous bag is a gorgeous bag, and I’m obviously not just following a trend. This is one of my ultimate IT bags, personally, even though I usually prefer more classic bags to hip. So yeah, bag lovers love bags even after their season!

A deal made to pay when I had the money, (it being Christmas-time and all) and that binding agreement later (it was mine! I just needed to do the little thing of “buying”), and I am the proud waiting-for-shipment owner of my very own Paddington. (Yes, I locked in the deal days ago and paid today. I got paid thanks to the 1st being a holiday and my Glam Media payment coming early as a pseudo Christmas bonus!)

Chloé Paddington

Now when the bag arrives, and I’m back from my holiday trip to get ahold of it (don’t worry, my mums will sign or pick up at the postie asap - as I will inform her) I will show and tell all about its buttery leather, too-heavy-for-sure lock, etc. etc. You may even learn if a Paddington is right for you, and whether you should buy one! 

Omgosh, I’m so excited! I can’t believe it! In just over a week, I can carry my very own Paddington to the malls! I’m gonna step out with my new baby! (Another long overdue baby. :-P)


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Rebecca Says:

I am not a bag person myself, but I agree with you — that is a gorgeous bag. Congratulations!!

Designer Ella Says:

Thank you!

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