Beware: Chloé is Addictive like Crack!

February 15, 2007 at 4:11 pm by Designer Ella

Or the designer is like Lay’s Potato Chips: you can never have just one. Or on to Pringles’ jingles, now: once you pop, you can’t stop buying more until practically all in one month, you have 7 items!!! Not my fault, people, it’s like a disease! Couldn’t help it! But please … don’t help me!

Enjoy the photos of my Chloé family.


Top middle, clockwise to bottom right: Large Edith Chamois Satchel, Small Sable Silverado, Aubergine Betty.

Chloe Paddingtons

Top around clockwise: Rouge Zippy Bouler Paddington, Mousse Paddington, Chocolate Paddington.

Yes, I’m sick people, but at least I got good deals on all of them. And I’m not too, too poor after all that.

Chloe Silverado Small Sable Recently carried bag: Chloé Silverado, “Custard”


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