Introducing a Photo of Moi!

July 27, 2006 at 2:55 pm by Designer Ella

Ella in Kate Spade Shades

Here I am, wearing my sunglasses at night. Now how do they look?


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7 Responses to “Introducing a Photo of Moi!”

Shopaholic D Says:

I like them! More importantly…how do you feel in them? I think you look great, but if you wear them w/ confidence (which I’m sure you do), you’ll really make them pop!

:) D

Designer Ella Says:

Thanks. I think I feel pretty cool in them, and they’re not too tight at all (or too loose).

Shopaholic D Says:

i like them! i def think you can rock this style!

HeidiGoLightly Says:

Ella, what a lovely photo of you and donning such fashionable sunglasses to boot! It’s wonderful to finally be able to put a face to our correspondence and see who I’ve been working for all these months =)

Designer Ella Says:

Thanks, Heidi. I’ll feel more picture ready when I lose all the weight. I’ve been doing well this last month!

xx Says:

eww you look like miss piggy!

Designer Ella Says:


I know I shouldn’t allow a comment from an anonymous poster with an obviously fake e-mail address, but I’m not sure. That comment is ridiculous.

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