Operation: Sandbox Last Grain

November 25, 2006 at 10:51 pm by Designer Ella

Operation: Sandbox - Last Straw Grain = Pursed Lips was sandboxed after it moved, even though it was an older site. This does not need to happen! It just doesn’t! One needs to do a 301 redirect.

I did the ol’ “We’ve Moved” message you see everywhere. Well don’t do it! Look up 301 redirect on Google and follow instructions.

But when the ‘we’ve moved’ didn’t do it enough and there were many hits and links to the old home, I took down content and within the Word Press admin, pointed pages toward the new home.

Finally, I did the one thing that probably really killed Pursed Lips. In my htaccess file I blocked /pursedlips from being crawled.

Soon after PursedLips.net was in the sandbox.

Well, now I’m about to do the last thing I can (before waiting) to get it out. To get that PR 5 back (and hopefully then some somewhat after).

I put the content back on ol’ /pursedlips, and now I’m about to link to it again. After a while, I’ll put on a 301 redirect.

Help me in my project, link to http://www.kissmestace.com/pursedlips!

And even: www.PursedLips.net

Thanks so much!

*Update* I was confused before, but I think I’m trying this method correctly now. One also needs to set the last updated info back with some code. Find the original article at Search Engine Watch.


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