For Kellie Pickler in The View!

July 18, 2006 at 11:33 am by Designer Ella

Kellie PicklerDid anyone see Kellie Pickler guest co-host on The View yesterday? She was fantastic! Full of personality, not a bit shy and so funny!

I know I said I wanted a black replacement for Star Jones, but now I really think Miss Pickler is perfect for the show.

Singing career? Eh!

Now how do we get her on?

Today’s guest host is Tanika Ray from the t.v. show Extra. She’s good, too; she speaks up with interesting points. But she’s just not quite the same as cute cute Kellie.

I really hope they go with the best choice. When’s the announcement? I can’t wait for the Fall season (wait, that means Autumn, oh well).

Photo credit: Pop Tower


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