Writing while Drugged Out on Anxiety Meds?

March 12, 2007 at 1:17 pm by Designer Ella

pillI had stress this morning because since I woke up early I wanted to get some entries up, but things got in the way. Like needing to fix some script problems for a blog. I ended up not posting.

While working I popped one of my anxiety pills, after a while of that not working I popped another.

Usually these pills have no big effect. To help me sleep, they’re the tamest things. To calm my stress, sometimes they work. But I like to say they’re a bit like candy—I don’t worry about taking even three. I can take them at night and not even get tired. And then sometimes they just incapacitate me! I’m so out of it. I needed to call the post office and speaking I sound either out-of-it mentally challenged or out-of-it sleepy. The truth is I’m drugged up.

It’s not to say that it didn’t help my stress but when I can’t do anything productive I get stressed anew—although in a calm way thanks to the drug. Not too slowly, I come out of it, and I’m all better.

But until then, boy do I have to concentrate to make any sense writing - I’m useless.

So yes, drugs are bad. Of course, I know. I don’t have some problem with drugs. They’re prescribed for me to use this way. They’re necessary to fight my bad anxiety problems. Too bad I can’t go relax, that leads to trouble with me (laziness or sleeping the day away). I’ve been facing more mental problems lately.

Chloe BagAnyway I wanted to write so that people would get a side of the whole “drug” story. Also - to warn in case I can’t write any more blogs today. Sigh.

Hey, maybe I shouldn’t even publish this personal story? But I can’t be that judge right now. I apologize, but now you know a bit more about Ella.

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty


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4 Responses to “Writing while Drugged Out on Anxiety Meds?”

J*B* Says:

Ha! Oh no, Ella! The unraveling is officially on record! When I went through the whole ordeal with my heart operation, I was prescribed Xanax. I took one or two, but to tell you the truth, they didn’t really affect me.

Now, Percacet, that’s a different story all together! Phew! :)

Designer Ella Says:

Thanks for writing, J*B*. Did you check out my lottery post? I discussed some of that with you before then. He he.

Well, I took a nap. I have my after-nap effects, but I’m good. The pill makes me sleepy, but geez, when it’s night and I want to sleep - nothing. Hit or miss.

I didn’t want to take naps, I want to keep a good schedule. Oh well. Well, thanks again for writing.

Julie Says:

Bags! Take bags not drugs! Bags! A safer but more expensive problem.

Designer Ella Says:

Ha ha.

I started taking just 1/2 of my *censored for privacy* pill. No sleepiness and somehow it worked fine.


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