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A Bag for the Fashionista vs. the Diva

March 13, 2007 at 3:00 am by Designer Ella

I really am into my purse restriction. I’m so less into expensive or obviously ‘IT’ bags. I’m liking subtler bags like my Chloé Betty, or the Coach I’m hoping to have the money to buy this week, or this bag below.

Jordi Labanda BLA Tote
Yes, I’m on a purse restriction, but with credit I purchased this Jordi Labanda ‘BLA’ Tote. Yes, but I have a smaller one I’m selling. Yesss, it’ll sell for less money. But I like it, even though I don’t use it, so I should replace when sold. See, I know I won’t use it for its small size. The tote will be used. Even if its only for when I’m feeling low key. So, yes, a new purchase and replacing something with something else more expensive. But I’m going from a waste-and-not-using, to totally-into-right-now-want-to-use-soon! It makes sense.

And the general laid-backness and lack of luxe promotes my handbag mood right now. Even though this bag cost $141, but you know that’s good for a bag! Yes, having and then carrying this bag will make me feel even more into my restriction.

Chloe BagYou know, I don’t even want to bring my Mousse coloured Paddington on my trip later this week (Spring Break!) anymore!

Still, wish me luck in affording the Coach Ali bag. Eeee.

*Update* I love the bag, I hate, detest, abore the straps. They’re cheap, hard plastic. Not leather. The bag doesn’t fit on my shoulders because of this! It goes back. Meanwhile certain family members are on my case about trying to scrounge for the COACH bag. They don’t understand how much privilege Coach is giving me with their preferred customers event, and that it’s cheaper than eBay. One time deal. See, I am going on a trip and blah, blah, I need money for that. Humph. (I repeat, though, I bought this bag on Bill Me Later credit, and don’t have credit for the Coach. I don’t think …….)

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty

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C’mon Lottery, I deserve you

March 11, 2007 at 6:05 am by Designer Ella

A very helpful and kind commenter wrote in to my last post;

michelle Says:

wow- you need help-

Mega MillionsAnd she is so right! I need to win the lottery, preferably more than the current $19 Mil jackpot, but we’re (my family) playing anyway. (How nice of us to the government.)

We played faithfully, and I worked on my karma, figured out what good I would do with the money, etc. But we still lost! There were two winners, one being a truck driver from Georgia. Grr.

But come on lottery! I know you’ll get me. I’ll accept any amount of several millions, really, don’t think I’m selfish.

Not at all, here’s what I would do with my own $390 million (reduced after taxes and split three ways with my parents et moi):

  1. Put most in my savings account STAT to start earning interest before I decide what to invest in. My “spending money” will sit there, too, until I transfer it to checking to spend it baby!
  2. Give three whole million to my best friend! He’d be set! (Although he tells me to tell the gods I’d give him nothing, since he’s bad luck. I just can’t lie though! I’m too giving.)
  3. Pay off all my debts. (I can’t believe I racked it all up this year!) Oh, lord, do I need you lottery!
  4. Buy a condo in Florida, a house in the suburbs of Boston, and a place on Cape Cod. And that’s it! Until I eventually get a place in/near NYC.
  5. Start an abused animal rehabilitation/foster/adoption organization. I even picked out its name and .org domain. (No, I didn’t buy the domain, heh, but I hope no one takes it.) I wouldn’t really be able to physically volunteer much, but I would constantly donate “designer” dog toys and organic healthy food. And dog water. They make special bottled water for dogs that’s much healthier, and I think that’s good.
  6. Buy every single handbag on my wish list, plus two Hermès Birkins.
  7. Actually start buying designer clothing, but you know what—I’ll still get bargains at Forever 21 and H&M! How ’bout that?! I won’t be too spoiled.
  8. Donate gads of money into the network and hope to see a return.
  9. Put family, friends, and talented bloggers, etc., to work and pay an overly fair salary.

Not to mention my mums - who is disabled from an accident and really struggling - would no longer need to worry about money.

You see, I would be the best candidate to win the lottery, because I will save animals, give broke people full time jobs (or pay them like it), move the economy, be a great bill-receiver (is that a thing?), and have the money to be near different friends and family at different times more often. It will all go back in some way or another.

Chloe BagAnd I can have handbags, muah ha ha. I’ll never need a ban. Although - YES! - I will restrict myself. It’s true. Not too many exotics and only expensive bags that are dreams! Oh and no waste-of-money cheap bags. Bah.

So - what would you do with Mega Millions $$$? But don’t make it sound to good, because I need to deserve it the most!

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty “Sugar Plum”

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This Shopaholic’s Budgeting — Purse Ban!

March 6, 2007 at 7:28 pm by Designer Ella

It’s true, I must put myself on a serious handbag restriction. I might buy one Coach this month, and perhaps an Isabella Fiore from Neimans after I pay the bill.

I went into this figuring out my budget, getting depressed, not sure I could stick to a purse restriction, but basically what money I have this month (since it needs to go to bills, to invest in the network/my business and to buy plane tickets for Spring Break) doesn’t give room for bags. I couldn’t possibly not stick to my bag ban.

No Shopping

And you know it doesn’t feel so bad. I hope to have the funds, thanks to eBay selling, to buy a bag and maybe a couple small things at the COACH Preferred Customer Event, but other than that I’m so over needing to buy handbags all the time. Oh don’t get me wrong, my designer wish list is still huge, and it worries me that I won’t be able to score catches by the time they’re gone, but overall I’m less into it.

Chloe BagI’m even less into carrying my bags. I think it’s because I sort of resent them for me spending my money on them. Yeah, perhaps silly.

Anyway, I’m doing it, I’m budgeting. I’m doing my best to pay off my CCs, and I’m sort of not broke.

I’ll keep you updated.

Recently carried bag: Chloé “Sugar Plum” Betty


My Recently Carried Handbags (Photos)

February 22, 2007 at 7:16 pm by Designer Ella

I’ve carried so many handbags this week, that as I thought to writing my next post, I didn’t want to leave some out. I even switched handbags Monday afternoon. So I’m making a post with all of their photos in it.

Sunday: Dooney & Bourke “Bone” Domed Satchel named “Milly”.

Dooney & Bourke Bag

Monday morning (to a funeral): Express Clutch - free Black Friday gift.

Express free clutch

Monday afternoon: Coach Black Signature Striped Book Tote named “Isabelle”.

Coach Bag

School week: Chloé Edith Bag named “Sugar Plum”.

Chloe Bag

Yes, this post was 100% shameless eye candy. :-P Enjoy!

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Beware: Chloé is Addictive like Crack!

February 15, 2007 at 4:11 pm by Designer Ella

Or the designer is like Lay’s Potato Chips: you can never have just one. Or on to Pringles’ jingles, now: once you pop, you can’t stop buying more until practically all in one month, you have 7 items!!! Not my fault, people, it’s like a disease! Couldn’t help it! But please … don’t help me!

Enjoy the photos of my Chloé family.


Top middle, clockwise to bottom right: Large Edith Chamois Satchel, Small Sable Silverado, Aubergine Betty.

Chloe Paddingtons

Top around clockwise: Rouge Zippy Bouler Paddington, Mousse Paddington, Chocolate Paddington.

Yes, I’m sick people, but at least I got good deals on all of them. And I’m not too, too poor after all that.

Chloe Silverado Small Sable Recently carried bag: Chloé Silverado, “Custard”

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My Paddington, Locked in to Love

January 15, 2007 at 3:00 am by Designer Ella

So my Paddington was set to arrive the Monday after I returned home from my holiday trip, and it did, but I had to stay later to help out with my BFF’s family problem (I sat with his grandmother that day, and left Tuesday night).

And there she was, in a small box (it’s okay, Paddingtons were meant to squish), with otherwise good packaging and a baby’s sock on the padlock (apparently, that’s how Chloé-ites store their Paddy-babies).

And the leather … the leather … softest I’ve ever touched! I believe my Paddy was from the original year - 2005 - in chocolate leather. Some say the hide quality is superior from that time frame. It also means my lock is heavier than the new versions, but I can handle it.

While I was away, I took a trip to Boca Raton’s Neiman Marcus, to inspect which Marc Jacobs bag was right for me, and I checked out practically every other bag I’m into. I looked at a tan Paddington. The leather was stiffer, and the bag sat upright (which the 2005s don’t) in a perfect triangle, actually. But the lock wasn’t bad at all.

I’m happy I got such a well-treated, great condition bag. I know it will last, because it has through two previous owners! Still, I wouldn’t mind getting a newer one with the changed locks. At some point (and knowing me, it will be within the year! :-x) I would like the color Mousse (a blueish grey).

So yes, I love the bag. It makes me extremely happy just to look at. I carry it everywhere around the house, but I haven’t had a chance to go out with it yet. It’s my dream bag realized, perfect color and all … but you should all check out the Mousse too, it makes me weak in the stomach in an oh-so good way!

I’m hooked, but don’t let me go overboard, okay? Besides, the Mousse must wait for a 50% off sale or another eBay fate-find, so Chloé collecting will be slow. Unfortunately, I might be more into MJ collecting, that’s a danger - oh those Stams! More on my MJ dream bag realized later.

For now, here’s my love-love-love, Paddy:

Chloé Paddington

Latest bag: Marc Jacobs Amanda, named “Oscar”: Marc Jacobs Amanda


Purchased a Paddington! Finally!

December 29, 2006 at 9:08 am by Designer Ella

I’ve been desiring a Chloé Paddington before I even knew it. Pursed Lips readers may remember I searched and searched for a bag with side belts/straps for months. (Somehow, I needed it, and it’s also an aspect I wish to focus on in one of my dreamed for handbag lines.) I finally settled on a few styles of large Coach satchels, and although I loved them, they didn’t satisfy my need.

Now I know Paddingtons are more about the huge padlock at the top, but they’re also the most known bag with side belts, and the satchels have just the right shape. Plus, they’re IT bags, and basically my first main IT bag I ever owned!

So first I searched and bought all the wrong bags, I bought Paddington copies by BCBG Max Azria, even. I liked the Paddington, I wanted the Paddington, but not enough to want to pay the price.

Then I was on some handbag blog and saw there was a sale on Paddingtons - 50% off. Oh, at that $800 price, I suddenly needed one. Needed one like a replacement liver! But it turned out to be a private sale for special customers, and I missed out. And some months ago, I joined the eBay bag message board, read guides, and learned a lot more about differentiating fakes from the real thing. And I knew the real thing when I found one in my perfect color, Chocolate, lovingly used at just the right 50% off price! (Plus at these forums, one gets feedback on authenticity opinions.)

And I’ve read that Paddingtons are over, but a gorgeous bag is a gorgeous bag, and I’m obviously not just following a trend. This is one of my ultimate IT bags, personally, even though I usually prefer more classic bags to hip. So yeah, bag lovers love bags even after their season!

A deal made to pay when I had the money, (it being Christmas-time and all) and that binding agreement later (it was mine! I just needed to do the little thing of “buying”), and I am the proud waiting-for-shipment owner of my very own Paddington. (Yes, I locked in the deal days ago and paid today. I got paid thanks to the 1st being a holiday and my Glam Media payment coming early as a pseudo Christmas bonus!)

Chloé Paddington

Now when the bag arrives, and I’m back from my holiday trip to get ahold of it (don’t worry, my mums will sign or pick up at the postie asap - as I will inform her) I will show and tell all about its buttery leather, too-heavy-for-sure lock, etc. etc. You may even learn if a Paddington is right for you, and whether you should buy one! 

Omgosh, I’m so excited! I can’t believe it! In just over a week, I can carry my very own Paddington to the malls! I’m gonna step out with my new baby! (Another long overdue baby. :-P)


2nd Anniversary as a Fashion Blogger

December 19, 2006 at 2:22 am by Designer Ella

Tonight I sit and write on the wee hours after my 2nd anniversary of when I started blogging sill-il-y about shoes on Kiss Me, Stace.

I’ve come (er, gone) soo far in these 2 years. Bought so much, raised my budgets so many times, and grown my income to something I’m excited about. I’ve had a lot of fun, some tought times (the sandbox) and even gotten some good freebies.

Kiss Me, Stace first real postBut I started out as a different person. I was fashionable, artistic and a writer. I cared about animals and spent more time on intellectual pursuits than hunting down IT bags with buttery leather. And believe it or not, I didn’t know a $200 purse existed! (Until one fateful day. At a Macy*s. The object was COACH.) I thought $60 was expensive for a purse!

Then my budgets rose, my money shrank (and grew and shrank and grew), my hobbies changed, my morals declined, and maybe even my IQ has been ill-effected just a little bit.

Anyway, this week on, I’m doing a special look back to what’s changed for Ella. I may even show pictures of bags blogging bought me.

Oh and I still need to show you my birthday present bags and tell you the COACH stores!! Don’t let me forget - and thank you for reading!


The Large Carryall

December 8, 2006 at 5:07 pm by Designer Ella

Coach Large CarryallAnd I would love the Large Carryall, however the straps are too long for me. It’s going back. Les sighs. I do not regret selling the medium, though.

I do love the black striped Book Tote I also purchased with selling money, though, but it doesn’t give me tingly high feelings. I’m waiting on shipments. Come come come!

Photos and more stories are also coming.

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Is it Bad to Sell My Beloved Bag?

December 7, 2006 at 3:08 pm by Designer Ella

Delilah BagRemember the Coach Medium Carryall I just died to get? Remember I called her my baby and named her Delilah? Remember all the posts about her?
Well, for a little while I’d been thinking about selling my beloved bag to upgrade to the Large Carryall, because I just can’t do even medium bags anymore! Is that bad and wrong of me when I called her my baby and said I gave birth to her? She was my child with COACH?

Is it bad that I’ve done it, I’ve sold Delilah? Is it bad that I’ve shipped her out, that she’s gone?

You’re not mad at me, are you? You don’t think less of me? Can you still take my bag love seriously?

Well, I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t get that attached to a bag before I even have it. Who really can commit to bags? They’re not children at all! They’re just lovers in passionate affairs—often brief.

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