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My VA Tech Blog Silence, Depression & Green Earth Bag Project

April 23, 2007 at 12:58 pm by Designer Ella

One Day Blog SilenceI haven’t been blogging lately because when perspectively viewed against certain tragedies, fashion seems shallow opposed to them. I’ve been depressed, which was caused by the Virginia Tech tragedy. As a college student, it frightens me and somehow I was vulnerable to such emotions. I’m hoping to continue on the path of higher learning while moving away from home and living in a dorm, so not knowing what that’s like, I was even more afraid.

Don’t get me wrong though, most times - well lately - I disagree that fashion is shallow. There can be many intellectual sides to it and it can be used philanthropically.

Which brings me to what I have been devoted to this past week: working on creating eco-friendly grocery totes and a web store on which to sell them. It’s helped me feel better about my line of “passion”, get my mind off things and really has gotten me excited about a fresh project. Really, I’m finally going to be a *real* designer. I’m almost done with decorating my first bag, and I’m getting my new sewing machine tomorrow! It’s a present that I’m grateful for. I see support from my family in starting this first/next step of my dream. (Really my mums didn’t want me to use a cheap one; she wants me to have the right machine for me for a time to come. So my family’s helping me out.)

I’ve also realized I have another new talent: php coding. I’m getting better at using PHP code! I’m so proud of myself for the tweaks I’m putting on WordPress to be this CMS (content management system). It’s just another aspect of being “designer” Ella!

I’ll try to blog but forcing myself today has given me a horrible feeling in my stomach from anxiety. I can’t get excited about this right now, but it’s more about that I’m not ready in my mental state. Forgive me.

I’m also blogging to you about One Day Blog Silence. To honour the Virginia Tech victims, I ask if you blog to not say one word on it on April 30th of this year. Visit for more info or your own banners to post on your blog.

Thanks for reading, and to those of you also facing grief, let’s try to help each other out while we give wishes for the victim’s families (the truly upset)!

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Ella Flashback: The Non-Name Dropper

December 19, 2006 at 3:54 pm by Designer Ella

This post is apart of my blogging anniversary series on the Unraveling of Ella over these 2 years.

It seems difficult to imagine that I once didn’t know the collections of Louis Vuitton bags. I’m sure I always at least vaguely knew the name. I didn’t know the style shapes, but before two years ago, did I even recognize the logo??? (I hope so to the dear Lord.)

This thought is scary to me. Quite. Yes, this thought.

Being a fashion blogger now, I need to know these things and more. But am I better off? Now I see a bag and a designer or style name immediately comes to mind (well not always). Is this good, or am I using my brain power for evil?

There was one day early into bag blogging at Pursed Lips, when I didn’t think too far into things, to flesh out the pieces. For instance, when I wrote a designer name, I didn’t think about who was behind the label. I, along with everyone in the modern world, knew that Gianni Versace was killed, and that his odd sister, Donatella, took over his design world. I knew this (and the Saturday Night Live skit about her), but when I wrote about bags I didn’t think of it. Not the they, he, she, it, no they were just bags.

I liked bags, but I definitely started out not knowing much. Pursed Lips began just as a journey into becoming a bag lady. I really, really liked bags, enough so to have a separate blog, but I was no expert. Who cares as long as you’re passionate? (Well many do.) But the blog’s grown, I’ve become quite knowledgeable, I love the blog dearly now and am so glad I have it.

Versace Snap Out of It BagBut still there was one early day when I ragged on an ugly, overdone Versace bag and pretty much asked, “What was Mr. Versace thinking?” (Actually, I said “he” must have been high making the bag.) Because hey, all corporate heads are big floating “The Man” right? I think this is where I came from.

But I was corrected, that Versace’s head designer was a woman. Ms. Versace, indeed. And then my knowledge came to me, Donatella Versace = Versace = click! Thus I started a new thought process while blogging. And sometimes I needed to do more research.

It’s embarrassing to remember such things, but none of it really matters. I have fun, I enjoy playing the name game now, and also have some success through this learning process. Not bad.

Anyway, now I can tell you all the variations of Louis Vuitton monogram, call out style names, and tell if they’re fake. Quite a way indeed.

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An Anti-Fur, Pro-Cute-Lambs Gal Bought Shearling: Am I Guilty?

November 29, 2006 at 6:40 pm by Designer Ella

Since the cold of last winter in my cute beret hat, I’ve wanted earmuffs, but good earmuffs are hard to find. Burberry had ones to match my cashmere candy check scarf, but they were expensive … and had shearling lining.

Shearling is like fur from lambs - cute lambs. They’re farm-raised, but babies, and they’re not necessarily from free range farms (the only meat I’ll buy from the market, although I’m not too wealthy, is free-range all natural). Still, shearling is not the same brutal thing as fur. I can be anti-fur and okay with shearling, maybe, right? …

J. Crew Shearling Tweed EarmuffsA trip into J. Crew browsing scarves led to me amazing earmuffs, grey to match my coat, or a tan plaid to “go” with Burberry, sophisticated … shearling lined.

I touched them. Nice. I put them on my head … and felt murder. Or really what I felt was the guilt of loving them sooo much. So soft! I put them down to ponder them for one day.

I ended up thinking about them nonstop for two weeks. Until I couldn’t wait to get them, no matter my morals. Until they nearly sold out and I snatched the last grey pair. Merchandise credit + $9 and they were mine. I wore them out of the mall (tags and all).

And my guy best friend approved okay but teased me, “go on, say f*** you to the sheep.”

But I love them, I can’t get enough of them, they’re the warmest earmuffs could possibly be - which practically is reason enough, right? And I rationalize that sheep are farm-raised, it’s not at all the same as fur. It’s just … lambs are so cute! I couldn’t eat something like that (or I hope I couldn’t), what am I doing?

My BFF also called me an eco-poser. I have been slowly declining in my environmentalism for years. I hated wood until I wanted to get a guitar (okay, I was a nutty little 12 year old), then leather until quality shoes and luxury bags (ooooooooh, leather so soft!). I’m a hypocrite when something I stood against suddenly and selfishly works for me.

Here I am again, unraveling in my identity over fashion.


Fashion Week from the Rest of Us

September 23, 2006 at 12:25 am by Designer Ella

What is it like blogging about fashion week for those not there? It can be tough, of course. (I covered some styles at Kiss Me, Stace and Pursed Lips.) In some ways, it’s better than being in forced-duty–24-hour–on–call–reporting though, right? Of course!

With the New York week well over, I have some thoughts.

I found it difficult to know how much to post, since I’m not there, and I’m reviewing what people can see themselves, I wonder how many people care. Natch; I think every blogger faces this issue.

Another issue is exactly how to blog. I like to review clothing, pick my favorites, and point out what’s wrong. (That used to be the way we all did it.) But my blogger friend Maria from The Runway Scoop did it in a new and great way, she spotlighted others’ viewpoints and experiences, and she kept us posted about all the related news. What’s better is she did this several times per day, each day. And apparantly it exhausted her. Fantastic job, Maria!

Well, I can get burnt out. I’ve loads of errands lately, school, family and then each show and each spin in each post takes effort, and it’s hard to turn it back on to a completely different show or aspect.

Am I bad? Oh, and I’m not even finished — soo long after! So much to do, so much time passing…

C’est la vie?

(Late again, needed to get photo:) Recent handbag: Coach Pebbled Leather Satchel–Black — v. 1: Teal Flower Charm.

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My Father Bought Pleated Pants

July 17, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

I could not stop him. I could not stop him. I could not stop him.

The scary thing is the associate at Men’s Wearhouse argued me on the point. He was quite obnoxious. He knows fashion, yet somehow doesn’t know anything that goes against what his store sells (I think it’s all pleated-trousered suits!!!).

Everyone else agrees at the very least that stocky men look larger in pleats, including my Best Dude.

On the plus side he got really nifty shoes, a matching belt, pocket squares, and socks to match all those horrid trousers.

On the really, seriously, really negative side. He opened a credit card there and nearly spent $1,000.

The man does not even have an office job!!!

Man, I am not overpowered that much by Coach sales people, and bags are my thing! He hates fashion! (Or he used to, hmm.)

Well, sadly now I know where a good deal of my shopping weakness comes from.

Yesterday’s Handbag: Vintage Gucci: “G. Love”

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I’m on track, afterall!

July 11, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

or… *Back to the Beginning* …

I read in Glamour Magazine’s July issue (Glam’s so my mag, girls) a quote from SNL’s Rachel Dratch;

I believe that your childhood interests reveal your true calling.

Let’s see… *diddly-oop*

  1. I dressed my Barbie dolls and sewed extra wishes for them to don.
  2. I drew … and coloured … and pasted …
  3. I wrote cute stories that never ended because I wanted to keep going…

It really looks like I was meant to wind up in the fashion journalism, fashion design or styling industries.

And I thought I veered off some course of “propriety” and “morality” by shopping and caring about this “art” so much. Ha!

But I really am following my original dream? Perhaps this even means I will succeed along this path.

That makes me feel fuzzy to think about. :-)

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Fashion is Killing Me

July 10, 2006 at 9:00 am by Designer Ella

Fashion has steadily changed me over the last year and a half to two years, most of that from fashion blogging.

Fashion could likely lead to my demise.

To blog about fashion (which is something I somehow decided I wanted to do because I wanted to chronicle shoes and then everything snowballed) one must become an expert. Well that’s true of almost anything.

So in doing this, I must memorize styles of all designers and materials and of course, dress the part.

So …

  1. Fashion is eating up my money.
  2. I don’t know if I can hold a man when I find him, because—for one, he may not like the fact that I buy 3 (or more) handbags a month that will seem very expensive to him—and two, do men even like that fashionista type? I’m so much more, and aren’t we all, but with my being easily distracted into noticing and blurting out fashion stuff, will guys get that far to see it all?
  3. Then I could mention that I’m a part of an industry that is not exactly saving puppies … I’m not exactly writing Pulitzer material. But this is so suited to me—does that say something?

Hmm. So in conclusion, screw any man who doesn’t like me. Forget them all if I must. Do what I love … but make sure to make loads of cash to support my habit.


Today’s Handbag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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