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An Anti-Fur, Pro-Cute-Lambs Gal Bought Shearling: Am I Guilty?

November 29, 2006 at 6:40 pm by Designer Ella

Since the cold of last winter in my cute beret hat, I’ve wanted earmuffs, but good earmuffs are hard to find. Burberry had ones to match my cashmere candy check scarf, but they were expensive … and had shearling lining.

Shearling is like fur from lambs - cute lambs. They’re farm-raised, but babies, and they’re not necessarily from free range farms (the only meat I’ll buy from the market, although I’m not too wealthy, is free-range all natural). Still, shearling is not the same brutal thing as fur. I can be anti-fur and okay with shearling, maybe, right? …

J. Crew Shearling Tweed EarmuffsA trip into J. Crew browsing scarves led to me amazing earmuffs, grey to match my coat, or a tan plaid to “go” with Burberry, sophisticated … shearling lined.

I touched them. Nice. I put them on my head … and felt murder. Or really what I felt was the guilt of loving them sooo much. So soft! I put them down to ponder them for one day.

I ended up thinking about them nonstop for two weeks. Until I couldn’t wait to get them, no matter my morals. Until they nearly sold out and I snatched the last grey pair. Merchandise credit + $9 and they were mine. I wore them out of the mall (tags and all).

And my guy best friend approved okay but teased me, “go on, say f*** you to the sheep.”

But I love them, I can’t get enough of them, they’re the warmest earmuffs could possibly be - which practically is reason enough, right? And I rationalize that sheep are farm-raised, it’s not at all the same as fur. It’s just … lambs are so cute! I couldn’t eat something like that (or I hope I couldn’t), what am I doing?

My BFF also called me an eco-poser. I have been slowly declining in my environmentalism for years. I hated wood until I wanted to get a guitar (okay, I was a nutty little 12 year old), then leather until quality shoes and luxury bags (ooooooooh, leather so soft!). I’m a hypocrite when something I stood against suddenly and selfishly works for me.

Here I am again, unraveling in my identity over fashion.


Introducing a Photo of Moi!

July 27, 2006 at 2:55 pm by Designer Ella

Ella in Kate Spade Shades

Here I am, wearing my sunglasses at night. Now how do they look?


My Buy: Kate Spade Shades

July 22, 2006 at 4:40 pm by Designer Ella

This is what I bought in my shopaholic whims. It wasn’t a last-minute impulse buy, though. I’ve been thinking about getting Chanel sunglasses, but there are reasons not to (okay, price). Also, I really just want what looks best on my face, and that is pure Jackie O. And one needs to and must, must, must try on every sunglass purchase before committing. Doing that, and having tried on my old cheapies once more, these are the best!

Kate Spade Sunglasses

I bought these Kate Spade Jackie Os with a K logo on one side and zebra print on the inside. They’re really nice and were $168 with tax. The shop, Solstice, also had perfection Chanel logo’d ones with the Cs and Swarovski quilting, but they weren’t Jackie Os (and the price!). The boutique even had less expensive shades, or similar ones that were polarized, but I really liked these on my face (and they at least have some logo).

I have to confer with my friend Diana (Shopaholic D) more though.

And I can ask you. Is Kate Spade good enough for a designer pair of shades? Will people recognize the logo? Yes, I do in fact care about these things. Yes, I know.

More pictures will come soon when I make my decision (as you can see, this picture has the yellow tag) … including one of my cute face!

Yesterday’s Bag (I also think I need better rain shoes to go out in today’s weather. I’m going to try to shop for some): Liz Claiborne Leather Metallic Croc-Embossed Pocket Bag