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A Bag for the Fashionista vs. the Diva

March 13, 2007 at 3:00 am by Designer Ella

I really am into my purse restriction. I’m so less into expensive or obviously ‘IT’ bags. I’m liking subtler bags like my Chloé Betty, or the Coach I’m hoping to have the money to buy this week, or this bag below.

Jordi Labanda BLA Tote
Yes, I’m on a purse restriction, but with credit I purchased this Jordi Labanda ‘BLA’ Tote. Yes, but I have a smaller one I’m selling. Yesss, it’ll sell for less money. But I like it, even though I don’t use it, so I should replace when sold. See, I know I won’t use it for its small size. The tote will be used. Even if its only for when I’m feeling low key. So, yes, a new purchase and replacing something with something else more expensive. But I’m going from a waste-and-not-using, to totally-into-right-now-want-to-use-soon! It makes sense.

And the general laid-backness and lack of luxe promotes my handbag mood right now. Even though this bag cost $141, but you know that’s good for a bag! Yes, having and then carrying this bag will make me feel even more into my restriction.

Chloe BagYou know, I don’t even want to bring my Mousse coloured Paddington on my trip later this week (Spring Break!) anymore!

Still, wish me luck in affording the Coach Ali bag. Eeee.

*Update* I love the bag, I hate, detest, abore the straps. They’re cheap, hard plastic. Not leather. The bag doesn’t fit on my shoulders because of this! It goes back. Meanwhile certain family members are on my case about trying to scrounge for the COACH bag. They don’t understand how much privilege Coach is giving me with their preferred customers event, and that it’s cheaper than eBay. One time deal. See, I am going on a trip and blah, blah, I need money for that. Humph. (I repeat, though, I bought this bag on Bill Me Later credit, and don’t have credit for the Coach. I don’t think …….)

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty

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