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My Paddington, Locked in to Love

January 15, 2007 at 3:00 am by Designer Ella

So my Paddington was set to arrive the Monday after I returned home from my holiday trip, and it did, but I had to stay later to help out with my BFF’s family problem (I sat with his grandmother that day, and left Tuesday night).

And there she was, in a small box (it’s okay, Paddingtons were meant to squish), with otherwise good packaging and a baby’s sock on the padlock (apparently, that’s how Chloé-ites store their Paddy-babies).

And the leather … the leather … softest I’ve ever touched! I believe my Paddy was from the original year - 2005 - in chocolate leather. Some say the hide quality is superior from that time frame. It also means my lock is heavier than the new versions, but I can handle it.

While I was away, I took a trip to Boca Raton’s Neiman Marcus, to inspect which Marc Jacobs bag was right for me, and I checked out practically every other bag I’m into. I looked at a tan Paddington. The leather was stiffer, and the bag sat upright (which the 2005s don’t) in a perfect triangle, actually. But the lock wasn’t bad at all.

I’m happy I got such a well-treated, great condition bag. I know it will last, because it has through two previous owners! Still, I wouldn’t mind getting a newer one with the changed locks. At some point (and knowing me, it will be within the year! :-x) I would like the color Mousse (a blueish grey).

So yes, I love the bag. It makes me extremely happy just to look at. I carry it everywhere around the house, but I haven’t had a chance to go out with it yet. It’s my dream bag realized, perfect color and all … but you should all check out the Mousse too, it makes me weak in the stomach in an oh-so good way!

I’m hooked, but don’t let me go overboard, okay? Besides, the Mousse must wait for a 50% off sale or another eBay fate-find, so Chloé collecting will be slow. Unfortunately, I might be more into MJ collecting, that’s a danger - oh those Stams! More on my MJ dream bag realized later.

For now, here’s my love-love-love, Paddy:

Chloé Paddington

Latest bag: Marc Jacobs Amanda, named “Oscar”: Marc Jacobs Amanda


The Shopaholic Rule of Pricing

January 8, 2007 at 11:49 am by Designer Ella

PricetagWe shopaholics have to casually undercut the appearance of prices on our purchases. Always round down - is the first rule. Round down to the nearest hundred, or say “400-something” etc. Forget it like it’s casual. Also, cut off everything but the first or second numbers. $1,500 could be, “1, 5.” “High 4″ or “high 4s” isn’t bad either. Never say a full price like $1,200 in public!

And remember, it never has to be another soul’s business what you paid for your IT Bag or how much those Manolo Blahniks go for.

Latest bag: Marc Jacobs Amanda, named “Oscar”: Marc Jacobs Amanda

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