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Dangerous Matters?

September 27, 2006 at 5:15 pm by Designer Ella

There is so much to write about with my cousin’s wedding quickly approaching, but I don’t have time for it all—or much of anything. But another bit of news in my life is that I have a 2nd annual Birthday trip to visit my best friend, and now that those liquid restrictions have been adjusted for the better, I feel great about booking the tickets and going!

The whole thing is very silly, and no fashion blogger could put it better than The Fray’s Mochi,

I would have purchased this [perfume] while browsing around the airport in Houston. But, you know, it might have been a bomb.

How silly to sell it during the inane ban? How silly the ban is/was. And how smart of Mochi to put it in fashion terms! Great writer and addition to the blogging community!

All I know is I now can have an actual cold soda (warm + ice ≠ bubbly [but does turn to water]) and I don’t need to attempt to get a pharmacy label for my lip balm, after all. (Apparently those are two other things I’m addicted to, in addition to handbags.) I’ll be sure to pack a full baggie-sized amount of my needs.

Most recent bag: Coach Peacock Satchel v. Rainbow Tag Fob

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Fashion Week from the Rest of Us

September 23, 2006 at 12:25 am by Designer Ella

What is it like blogging about fashion week for those not there? It can be tough, of course. (I covered some styles at Kiss Me, Stace and Pursed Lips.) In some ways, it’s better than being in forced-duty–24-hour–on–call–reporting though, right? Of course!

With the New York week well over, I have some thoughts.

I found it difficult to know how much to post, since I’m not there, and I’m reviewing what people can see themselves, I wonder how many people care. Natch; I think every blogger faces this issue.

Another issue is exactly how to blog. I like to review clothing, pick my favorites, and point out what’s wrong. (That used to be the way we all did it.) But my blogger friend Maria from The Runway Scoop did it in a new and great way, she spotlighted others’ viewpoints and experiences, and she kept us posted about all the related news. What’s better is she did this several times per day, each day. And apparantly it exhausted her. Fantastic job, Maria!

Well, I can get burnt out. I’ve loads of errands lately, school, family and then each show and each spin in each post takes effort, and it’s hard to turn it back on to a completely different show or aspect.

Am I bad? Oh, and I’m not even finished — soo long after! So much to do, so much time passing…

C’est la vie?

(Late again, needed to get photo:) Recent handbag: Coach Pebbled Leather Satchel–Black — v. 1: Teal Flower Charm.

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