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Named My Baby!

August 30, 2006 at 11:12 am by Designer Ella

My baby Coach, that is!

My baby Coach Delilah

It’s been a whole month, but when I look at her now, I just see it: Delilah.

There’s also a cute/sad story. There was a cat that visited my cousin LaLa’s place around Tasha’s death, which kept visiting. I received this bag the day after. I thought I’d name a pet cat Delilah. Odd story, but I’m not getting a cat anytime soon, so it works for the bag instead. (Are bags my pets? Okay, I’m straying too far from my view that bags are my lovers. [Are bags my everything?])

If I ever get a cat, oh well, I’ll have two Delilahs.

Thanks for all your naming help. It was fun! But ultimately, naming is personal.

Now, I’ve decided I need this Coach Hamptons Signature Medium Carryall in black, as well! And I might name it Delia, but I must have her in my hands to feel that it’s right, first.

(By the way, last week she was added to stores and on Bummer but I got a lot of special/pre time with her about!)

(Footnote, forgot this:) Most carried recently: My baby Coach “Delilah” carryall


My Dream IT Bags

August 28, 2006 at 12:45 pm by Designer Ella

I’m participating in this blog’s first Carnivale! (Because it is my own [from another blog] and the topic suits us, I’ll participate on this site here and there in the future.)

Pursed Lips asks,

If you were given $10,000 (ooookayyyyyy, $20,000 if you’re a superdiva) to buy only ‘IT’ Big Name designer bags, which dream ones would you buy (or just one perhaps)? (You can save some of the cash left over for something else not to be mentioned.) Yes, please do try to keep track of general prices, and authentic and real-life eBay prices count if you would opt for auctions (although if you can’t tell authentic, skip the lower-priced ones, natch!).

Update: I’ve added the photos as promised!

And oh yes, dahlings, I don’t need to, but I will opt for the $20,000.

Designer Bags

  1. Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo or Mini Stam ($1,000s–$2,000s?)
  2. Gucci ‘Wave’ Boston Bag ($1,570 retail)
  3. Fendi Zucca Shoulder B. ($920 retail or eBay)
  4. Chloé Paddington ($0000s? on eBay)
  5. Hermès Shoulder Birkin cool, classic color like blue, red or orange (eBay: $11,000~) (*updated)
  6. Balenciaga Quilted Bag ($0000s?)

It Bags

Gosh, those bag prices add up. Even with eBay, my bags’ (and I want a few more expensive ones [and tonnns more less expensive] that didn’t make the ‘it’ list) (like a vintage lambskin Chanel, tweed Chanel, Marc Jacobs Blake…) prices really added up! What a world.

(Footnote, forgot this:) Recent bag carried: My baby Coach med carryall


Untimely Delivery

August 8, 2006 at 5:50 pm by Designer Ella

As you may know, a family pet died last Monday.

The next day, one day ahead of schedule, my baby Coach arrived.

Coach Medium Carryall

Naturally I wasn’t as excited as I would have been before. I have life in better priority now. I took time off to be with family that week, but it was not plain old baby-bag maternity leave, unfortunately.

Still, my love did grow for this bag, as that should be clear with me.

Coach Medium Carryall

I have not named it though. I don’t look at it and feel a name. Do you want to help me name it?

I might want to give it a name that somewhat reflects the late pet, Natasha Grace, but I don’t want to give Tasha’s name to a bag. Even I don’t like that. Tasha belongs to her alone.

It could reflect that it is my baby of a bag. It could reflect the Signature. And it is a Hamptons, if that helps. Also, I’m open to either male or female names. Before it arrived, I was thinking I might go male.

Here is one large picture:

Coach Medium Carryall

Bag I last wore: (pictured above) Coach Hamptons Medium Signature Carryall with Chestnut Calf Leather Trim.