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Manic Shop Hunting … Healing?

July 28, 2006 at 7:53 pm by Designer Ella

Ugh, babies, I’m sick!

I have an earache due to allergies. I’m waiting in between working medicine.

I really just noticed how bad it is.

I was feverishly hunting down Marc Jacobs, again, and now that I’m done, I feel very sick. :-(

At least I feel better about the shopping.

(Oh and I’ll let you know how the Marc Jacobs thing goes. I’ve learned a lot about authentics vs. fakes.)

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Guess What Came? Guess What Didn’t?!!

July 28, 2006 at 2:47 pm by Designer Ella

And guess what I don’t even like?

BCBG Max Azria oxblood leather 'Montana' handbag
BCBG Max Azria oxblood leather ‘Montana’ handbag

That came. I ordered that Monday night. Fast shipping, gee thanks. It’s a beautiful bag, but it’s very tall so too large for my frame. It’s going back.

So what didn’t come? The bag I’ve wanted for 9 months. The COACH Medium Signature Carryall with brown calf leather. Geez, this thing is my baby and the delivery’s overdue!

And guess what else? I called Coach customer service today, and the order was only just processed. It’s due to arrive next Wed. August 2nd! At least now I know.

But I ordered it before seeing even a large picture because I wanted it fast. I wanted it before it hit stores. See, that’s a big deal for me, because I’m a perfectionist who must inspect every bag and pick out the signature layout that’s the best in my eyes (they’re all slightly different).

This is not a leather bag for which it doesn’t matter, like the black leather buckle satchel I ordered and did get before it was fully available in stores.

I swear, I’m going to the mall every day from tomorrow (salon appointment) through Wednesday and I will purchase a second one if I see it. And no embarrassment; I’m exchanging for a better one if this isn’t perfect. I know I’m not technically a VIP, but I’m a fantastic Coach customer, and I deserve what I expect. Even if I have to head to different boutiques around my state.

Oh my gosh, I’m so angry.

At least now I know when to expect it, and I won’t be watching the window, but it’s still so frustrating. Next Wednesday!!!

The countdown’s on!

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Introducing a Photo of Moi!

July 27, 2006 at 2:55 pm by Designer Ella

Ella in Kate Spade Shades

Here I am, wearing my sunglasses at night. Now how do they look?


Tip to Resist that Impulse Purchase

July 26, 2006 at 9:20 pm by Designer Ella

There was an article on resisting impulse sale buys in the New York Daily News last week that gave this tip of certain helpfulness in particular,

Take a break. Manhattan psychologist April Lane Benson, who operates, pointed out that you often just need to put a little distance between yourself and the cash register to figure out if this is a transaction you really want to complete or if you’re simply succumbing to the moment.

So, put the item on hold and walk away for a few minutes. If you’re shopping online, walk away from your computer. Even a half hour can give you the perspective you need.

I will definitely use that tip before any big or impulse purchase. I could have taken the advice a few days ago before buying this bag, but I think I’d still get it. (Although I didn’t want to stay up any later at night, and the sale was ending by the morning!)

*Via* Some Like it Haute


Depressed Shopping Spree

July 26, 2006 at 6:53 pm by Designer Ella

So two nights ago, I really was very depressed. I decided I would go on an e-Handbag shopping hunt. I almost convinced myself to spend up to $1,000 dollars on a Marc Jacobs bag. There’s one I want, but I didn’t find it. That one’s expensive, and it’s sold out of shops, so I’d need eBay to bring it to just the price I thought would be reasonable, but still reputable.

Anyway, I really decided I couldn’t do it, even if I actually couldn’t because I didn’t find my dream. (Blue quilted leather push-lock pocket bag.)

Anyway, I knew that a high end bag could be found cheap on Bluefly, and I actually found something I’ve kind of wanted (although hoped for in Coach): a dark brown leather satchel.

BCBG Max Azria oxblood leather 'Montana' handbag
BCBG Max Azria oxblood leather ‘Montana’ handbag

Look at the details! Isn’t it gorge? I already have a similar bag, but they’re so nice.

It wasn’t too expensive, and to me, it’s a practical buy, so I feel fine. My mania did wear off and I do believe I only purchased it because it’s something I would get anyway.

There was even a one-day sale that lasted ’til the morning. 20% off, I think, and I had won a couple coupon codes in their current contest and used one for free shipping! (And I really should use those coupons, right?)

Still, I was in such bad shape that night. It’s scary. Thank goodness I didn’t buy an expensive Marc Jacobs. Hopefully, until I’m paid a full income, my Marc by Marc Jacobs quilted velvet bag will be enough. I’m loving blue, though. Marc (by Marc Jacobs), time to come out with another cute bag to help me through poor times!


Friends are Better than Dates

July 25, 2006 at 4:50 pm by Designer Ella

I have a “Dude.” He is the perfect guy friend for a girl, yet he’s not quite the gay best friend. For years, he seemed almost gay in lack-of-girl practice, but he’s doing better in romance!

He’s dating someone now and they just kissed! I was so excited.

Except that I got pretty jealous. I want to date. And sometimes I get sad over this certain love from my past. It happened again last night. I really got depressed like I haven’t in many months.

It was bad, I couldn’t sleep. I really felt like a drink. Oh, I mean a cocktail. Yes, in the middle of the night, alone. A cocktail. A fabulous one .. that’s it. Okay, just a raspberry wine cooler. But I. did. not. do. it. I don’t drink for the wrong reasons (since that one time at 18, and even then I only got a little “happy”). With my personality and issues, I need to be careful around alcohol (just in case).

Then I spoke to my Dude this afternoon, and he understood my enthusiasm was a bit much for his peck, and he knew I was sad. I can’t hide that in my voice from him.

We talked. We both know instinctively the same reasons why this past love is not right for me. We’re on the same wavelength. He really helped me, once more.

He then called later to make sure I was okay. He’s great.

Now why isn’t my Dude the one for me? He’s practically the perfect guy, but not for me romantically, we’re perfect friends. It can be confusing and difficult to have a male best friend, but we make it work.

How is he not perfect for me? Sometimes I get a little lost and wonder, but I know. It’s other people who don’t understand us.

But when he helps me, shows he knows me, and we both think just the same thing (in our own ways), I know I need him as a friend. It’s so important that I have that person in a friend. Friends are higher on the necessity list, as guys leave, and we need friends to get us through.

My Dude will never leave. And this all makes me think that past guy … it’s just not the same. It’s not worth it to get upset all over again over anyone, period.

Now, cheers to working things out, a toast to great friends. But I think this time I’ll just have an organic cola or a Silk smoothie. To be sure.

Also, what a wasted day! I need to do at least one blog entry!! And freshen up! I need to go prettify, first things first, after all.

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July 23, 2006 at 11:00 am by Designer Ella

Living with my family as I do, I have to bend with bathroom time. So it was necessary to tape record (no TiVo wahh) the “Hot Topics” from The View on Friday while I showered. I watched the tape Saturday night (I got that Chinese then sat down with my computer and a couple of recorded programs. That was my night, sad?).

The first topic brought up was something new to me: breaking up via text message.

What?! Has the world gone mad? Manners are necessary and admirable, people. Well, this guest host (Tanika Ray again) might just have not found her guy yet because of karma (as she was the TXT-Dmpr).

First the kids got cyber-intimate, now they’re replacing phone calls with key pads, and compassion & chemistry with electronic signals.

I usually love my technology (as I’ve demonstrated; computer, cable Internet, t.v. [no TiVo though]), but our world is taking it too far.

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My Buy: Kate Spade Shades

July 22, 2006 at 4:40 pm by Designer Ella

This is what I bought in my shopaholic whims. It wasn’t a last-minute impulse buy, though. I’ve been thinking about getting Chanel sunglasses, but there are reasons not to (okay, price). Also, I really just want what looks best on my face, and that is pure Jackie O. And one needs to and must, must, must try on every sunglass purchase before committing. Doing that, and having tried on my old cheapies once more, these are the best!

Kate Spade Sunglasses

I bought these Kate Spade Jackie Os with a K logo on one side and zebra print on the inside. They’re really nice and were $168 with tax. The shop, Solstice, also had perfection Chanel logo’d ones with the Cs and Swarovski quilting, but they weren’t Jackie Os (and the price!). The boutique even had less expensive shades, or similar ones that were polarized, but I really liked these on my face (and they at least have some logo).

I have to confer with my friend Diana (Shopaholic D) more though.

And I can ask you. Is Kate Spade good enough for a designer pair of shades? Will people recognize the logo? Yes, I do in fact care about these things. Yes, I know.

More pictures will come soon when I make my decision (as you can see, this picture has the yellow tag) … including one of my cute face!

Yesterday’s Bag (I also think I need better rain shoes to go out in today’s weather. I’m going to try to shop for some): Liz Claiborne Leather Metallic Croc-Embossed Pocket Bag


The Trouble of a Shopaholic Not Getting IT

July 22, 2006 at 3:00 pm by Designer Ella

Just like a dieter with Forbidden Chocolate Cake or just plain old ice cream, a shopaholic should not hold herself back from the one thing she really, really needs right now (play Target music, but think handbags).

Even if the Shopaholic is allowing herself her desire, while she hunts down or waits for her perfect or dream item to arrive in the mail, she will shop more and splurge more on other not-quite-as-wanted items. It fulfills the junkie craving, but not for long.

Such is the psychology of shopaholism.

It feels great to breeze into a boutique or discover deals on eBay, but as long we we don’t have that IT item, after the high is gone, serious mania and anxiety set in.

All this is going on for me right now, and I’m just waiting for my bag to come in the mail.

They say waiting is the hardest part, which is true for a shopaholic. And you know what makes it even harder? Not knowing when your item will arrive, or if it has even shipped. Not knowing is also at the top of the list for hardest things.

Yesterday’s Bag (today, I’m probably stuck in due to my mums going to a wedding and the torrential downpours. I desire to go out, but also, I just want to order Chinese for one [and before dinner time, it’s wishing+hoping for my bag!] ;-)): Liz Claiborne Leather Metallic Croc-Embossed Pocket Bag

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Crazier than Usual

July 20, 2006 at 5:17 pm by Designer Ella

I’m going crazy!

No, moreso than usual, really.

I ordered the perfect (upcoming) bag from Coach, one I’ve wanted (and hunted like mad for) for a year and they’ve finally made it to my specifications (although not literally). It’s supposed to ship today, but I’ve still been wishing, hoping, and hawk-eyeing the mail carrier and trucks all week.

Today, I was ready to sing “Glory Glory! Hallelujah!” (Okay I already did, because I’m crazy—I was like praying for it to come.) I saw all various forms of shipping service trucks go by my neighborhood and got excited each time (they pass my street, then head back). But no. No bag yet.

The last thing I had ordered from Coach came in what seemed like two days, so I’m hoping Saturday!

Meanwhile, I’m all manic that I don’t have my bag yet. It’s bad.

Let’s hope it comes to my liking, and let’s hope I don’t repeat this process too soon after. I doubt that—like I said, this has been my perfect dream bag for months.

So, it’s like … no wonder I’m so anxious to get it, right? It’s worth the loonies.

I’m justified.

Now that that’s settled, let’s give me my reward for not being too, too unhealthy! Only my third (and final) bag this month! Good me! ;-)