About Designer Ella

Hello, I am Designer Ella, and these are my from-the-heart confessions.

Name: Ella Beals
Age: Near-mid 20s, I’m dreading the next upgrade.
Status: Single and at a loss.
Location: Snobville, MA — Soon to be Florida?

The unraveling of moi was me becoming Designer Ella.

I always drew, designed outfits, and made graphics. And my biggest dream is designing handbags and beyond, but I am not a working fashion designer right now. The nickname mostly came from my graphic design days.

I’ve also always been a writer, and that is what I do now. I do it in the form of blogging—fashion blogging, natch. I’m too much of a princess to work for anyone else, so let’s hope I succeed at making lots of cash with it.

Now, the other aspect of designer comes from my shopping. You can read all about my shopaholic adventures here. Even before the manic splurges, I’ve always bought a lot of new clothing, but now the stakes are raised.

I come from an unconventional, crazy family (and I am not immune to issues with treated bipolar disorder, myself). They’re very interesting, at least. I also plan to bring a lot of them in to blog, I love giving back and sharing. Currently, my cousins “LaLa” (and cousin-doggie Charlotte) and Sarah Jean blog for different sites at Lipped Media. I’m even bringing my Mums to guest shopping blog at Kiss Me, Stace. She needs some work, since she was injured in a car accident. Later, I might ask my cousin, Jackie (O), to do some editing. It was her dream to edit, but she followed a different path, instead.

So, you’ll see that I’m talented, enthusiastic, hard-working, sweet, generous and of course troubled. It’s nice to meet you, too.