Children designers clothes - how to choose a right baby boutique

April 23, 2007 at 12:58 pm by Designer Ella

Visit Baby & Kids BoutiqueDesigners of fashion houses pay more attention to the quality of clothes for the kids, but not looking at it, you have the opportunity to choose from a large variety. This season is fashionable to wear bright clothes with interesting prints. Brand Christian Lacroix offers a set - white shortie with print in the form of multi-colored flowers. This outfit is suitable for every day. You also have the opportunity to buy from this brand bright dress with floral trim and bow in the middle. This dress can be worn on holidays. Every girl should be overall, Il Gufo brand presents gently overalls in pink with bows on both sides. T-shirts is also an important element in the wardrobe of the baby. Designer of brand Karl Lagerfeld Kids offers t-shirt in a light-blue color, with a funny print in the form of a pig in a suit and blue glasses. If you're a fan of the brand Billieblush, you can buy a t-shirt with a marine motif in pale blue, with a print in the shape of starfish and seashells. For followers of Kenzo - you have the opportunity to buy a T-shirt with an abstract pattern in the form of various animals of Africa. For a variety of T-shirts you definitely need shorts, pale pink shorts by Chloe fit almost any t-shirt. One of the most convenient types of shoes - it's moccasins. Brand Tod's presents moccasins in cream color with a bow on tiptoes. Children's clothing should be chosen wisely and carefully, as any child is extremely emotional and knows the world by means of the senses. The important role played in the process of cognition is clothing for children - it should be light, comfortable, should not interfere with the child; It plays an important role range of colors, from which it is sewn.

Every parent approaches to the selection of clothing carefully, our online shop will help to find out all the details and choose what you need for your child.

Children's world is a fairy tale and game at the same time. Childhood is very fleeting, and therefore we must take advantage of it and live it effortlessly. Nowadays, fashion has reached a global scale, it applies to everything that surrounds us, including on children's clothing. Fashion is one of the ways to make your child's life brighter and more varied. And many well-known brands will help you in this.

For little boys designers fashion houses offer a huge variety of trend clothing. One of the main elements of the wardrobe of boys is a T-shirt. Gucci brand offers a simple white T-shirt, but with a nice print in the form of bears. In turn, the well-known brand Stella Mccartney Kids presents a very bright sunny yellow t-shirt with a bears picture, with a banjo in his hands. It is known that one of the most convenient types of clothing for kids is a jumpsuit. Laranjinha offers classic-style jumpsuit with short sleeves in navy blue. This suit is perfect for important occasions. It is well known that boys prefer an active lifestyle, which is why Moschino brand offers a kit that consists of two elements - shorts in blue with yellow stripes on the edges, in which your baby will be very comfortable and free movement around and a bright yellow T-shirt with the sign of the Piece in blue with the logo of the brand. Another suit you can buy in the boutiques of the brand Christian Lacroix. Suit is in white with pixel print in the form of animals. In hot weather, it is important to protect your baby from sunstroke, Frugi presents panama in dark blue with bandages, and with print in the form of white ships. If you decide to teach your child to sports, brand Carmen Beau will help you offering you a sports suit in blue and white colors.

In order not to torment the child by shopping in malls, you can simply go to our website, your boy will choose easily all he wants and you will order easily.


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My VA Tech Blog Silence, Depression & Green Earth Bag Project

April 23, 2007 at 12:58 pm by Designer Ella

One Day Blog SilenceI haven’t been blogging lately because when perspectively viewed against certain tragedies, fashion seems shallow opposed to them. I’ve been depressed, which was caused by the Virginia Tech tragedy. As a college student, it frightens me and somehow I was vulnerable to such emotions. I’m hoping to continue on the path of higher learning while moving away from home and living in a dorm, so not knowing what that’s like, I was even more afraid.

Don’t get me wrong though, most times - well lately - I disagree that fashion is shallow. There can be many intellectual sides to it and it can be used philanthropically.

Which brings me to what I have been devoted to this past week: working on creating eco-friendly grocery totes and a web store on which to sell them. It’s helped me feel better about my line of “passion”, get my mind off things and really has gotten me excited about a fresh project. Really, I’m finally going to be a *real* designer. I’m almost done with decorating my first bag, and I’m getting my new sewing machine tomorrow! It’s a present that I’m grateful for. I see support from my family in starting this first/next step of my dream. (Really my mums didn’t want me to use a cheap one; she wants me to have the right machine for me for a time to come. So my family’s helping me out.)

I’ve also realized I have another new talent: php coding. I’m getting better at using PHP code! I’m so proud of myself for the tweaks I’m putting on WordPress to be this CMS (content management system). It’s just another aspect of being “designer” Ella!

I’ll try to blog but forcing myself today has given me a horrible feeling in my stomach from anxiety. I can’t get excited about this right now, but it’s more about that I’m not ready in my mental state. Forgive me.

I’m also blogging to you about One Day Blog Silence. To honour the Virginia Tech victims, I ask if you blog to not say one word on it on April 30th of this year. Visit for more info or your own banners to post on your blog.

Thanks for reading, and to those of you also facing grief, let’s try to help each other out while we give wishes for the victim’s families (the truly upset)!


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Have you Filed Your Taxes? Check out Tax Raps!

April 16, 2007 at 11:05 pm by Designer Ella

I just finished filing my taxes (I owed money, c’est la vie de la blogger - but it was a small amount). If you’re done with yours, let’s celebrate with some entertainment. If not, you may have until tomorrow before you’re late. In MA, taxes are due on the 17th this year due to a holiday. I don’t know about the rest of the country.

So let’s watch something fun, shall we? : “It’s Just a Breeze, G” rap for Turbo Tax.

P.S. It wasn’t that easy, so don’t feel bad. :-)


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Be Fabulous Travel Tip: Packing

March 20, 2007 at 3:06 pm by Designer Ella

A quick trip for packing lighter, while staying faaabulous!

While packing your shoes, skip the paper stuffing, instead use undies and/or socks and save extra space! Possibly for more pairs or purchases on return! Faaaaab.


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A Cocktail for the Holiday

March 17, 2007 at 3:23 am by Designer Ella

Cocktail GlassHere is a great Irish cocktail recipe, if you happen to be partying today! But stay sober!!

Bubbly Irish Nut

  • 1 oz. Baileys® Irish Cream
  • 1 oz. Amaretto Di Saronno®
  • 4 oz. Soda water

Enjoy! Happy St. Paddy’s Day from this Bubbly Irish Nut!

Today’s handbag: Chloe Paddington Mousse


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$1,000 Pizza? I can do better!

March 14, 2007 at 10:36 pm by Designer Ella

1000 USD PizzaA gourmet restaurant in NYC is introducing a decadent pie with the pricetag of $1,000. Yes, that’s right.

Forget traditional cheese and pizza sauce, the record-priced pie will be topped with creme fraiche, chives, eight ounces of four different kinds of Petrossian caviar, four ounces of thinly sliced Maine lobster tail, salmon roe, and a little bit of spice with wasabi.

And unlike your typical pizza, this one won’t be cooked, after all, that would spoil the fish. The 12-inch pie is sliced into four pieces, which comes to $250 per slice.

Bah. I can make you a great pizza. I’ll charge, ooh a base price of $45 on up, depending on ingredients. (Or a mere $10, for a simpler, average-joe pie.)

My pizza will use Boboli pizza crust, no not something I make myself, because that crust is the best. Mmm.

Then, I will crush tomatoes finely - or leave light chunks if you prefer, for the sauce. If you don’t want tomato sauce, how about taco or barbecue sauce? Those will make for fun & tasty pizzas, with the right ingredients.

Cheese - a mixture of brie, mozzarella and cheddar!

For toppings, oh I have choices:

  • Chopped prime rib
  • Freshly cut pineapple
  • Real bacon pieces with only red meat, no white fat at all. Picked apart with care.
  • Extra large deli pepperoni
  • Sliced chicken breast covered in honey barbecue sauce
  • Sliced chicken breast covered in honey mustard sauce
  • Sliced salmon covered in honey mustard sauce
  • Mix of fruits: cantaloupe, pitted cherry, pear, peach and pineapple (suggested on a white pizza)
  • Pineapple and orange
  • Lobster pieces, sure, I’ll throw that in, but unlike Nino’s Bellisima, I think the lobster needs to be the only topping.
  • Vegetables - oh sure, like what? All fresh

There now don’t you want to order from me? If you’re ever in the Boston/South Shore area, send me an e-mail!

But caviar, lobster, chives, salmon - all on an uncooked pie - would their pizza even taste good??? Please. It’s not even extra large - ugh!!


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A Bag for the Fashionista vs. the Diva

March 13, 2007 at 3:00 am by Designer Ella

I really am into my purse restriction. I’m so less into expensive or obviously ‘IT’ bags. I’m liking subtler bags like my Chloé Betty, or the Coach I’m hoping to have the money to buy this week, or this bag below.

Jordi Labanda BLA Tote
Yes, I’m on a purse restriction, but with credit I purchased this Jordi Labanda ‘BLA’ Tote. Yes, but I have a smaller one I’m selling. Yesss, it’ll sell for less money. But I like it, even though I don’t use it, so I should replace when sold. See, I know I won’t use it for its small size. The tote will be used. Even if its only for when I’m feeling low key. So, yes, a new purchase and replacing something with something else more expensive. But I’m going from a waste-and-not-using, to totally-into-right-now-want-to-use-soon! It makes sense.

And the general laid-backness and lack of luxe promotes my handbag mood right now. Even though this bag cost $141, but you know that’s good for a bag! Yes, having and then carrying this bag will make me feel even more into my restriction.

Chloe BagYou know, I don’t even want to bring my Mousse coloured Paddington on my trip later this week (Spring Break!) anymore!

Still, wish me luck in affording the Coach Ali bag. Eeee.

*Update* I love the bag, I hate, detest, abore the straps. They’re cheap, hard plastic. Not leather. The bag doesn’t fit on my shoulders because of this! It goes back. Meanwhile certain family members are on my case about trying to scrounge for the COACH bag. They don’t understand how much privilege Coach is giving me with their preferred customers event, and that it’s cheaper than eBay. One time deal. See, I am going on a trip and blah, blah, I need money for that. Humph. (I repeat, though, I bought this bag on Bill Me Later credit, and don’t have credit for the Coach. I don’t think …….)

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty


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Writing while Drugged Out on Anxiety Meds?

March 12, 2007 at 1:17 pm by Designer Ella

pillI had stress this morning because since I woke up early I wanted to get some entries up, but things got in the way. Like needing to fix some script problems for a blog. I ended up not posting.

While working I popped one of my anxiety pills, after a while of that not working I popped another.

Usually these pills have no big effect. To help me sleep, they’re the tamest things. To calm my stress, sometimes they work. But I like to say they’re a bit like candy—I don’t worry about taking even three. I can take them at night and not even get tired. And then sometimes they just incapacitate me! I’m so out of it. I needed to call the post office and speaking I sound either out-of-it mentally challenged or out-of-it sleepy. The truth is I’m drugged up.

It’s not to say that it didn’t help my stress but when I can’t do anything productive I get stressed anew—although in a calm way thanks to the drug. Not too slowly, I come out of it, and I’m all better.

But until then, boy do I have to concentrate to make any sense writing - I’m useless.

So yes, drugs are bad. Of course, I know. I don’t have some problem with drugs. They’re prescribed for me to use this way. They’re necessary to fight my bad anxiety problems. Too bad I can’t go relax, that leads to trouble with me (laziness or sleeping the day away). I’ve been facing more mental problems lately.

Chloe BagAnyway I wanted to write so that people would get a side of the whole “drug” story. Also - to warn in case I can’t write any more blogs today. Sigh.

Hey, maybe I shouldn’t even publish this personal story? But I can’t be that judge right now. I apologize, but now you know a bit more about Ella.

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty


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Chefista Required Tool: Picture Chopping Boards

March 12, 2007 at 3:00 am by Designer Ella

Colored Cutting BoardsAs a Chefista (love that term) and an organization nut who also loves stuff, I love these cutting boards by Solutions. They’re color coded and picture coded, so you can separate the types of foods you’re chopping. It’s less messy and could possibly save your -erm- colon from getting sick. I love how the colours really do match the symbol!

They’re also super thin so they easily store, and are made of flexible plastic, so you can just bend and drop the cut ingredients into your pot!

I know I need these, even though I rarely chop. And I never chop more than one type of food. And I already have that Vedalia thing. But oh my gosh do I need this! Besides, they’re only $12.95 - that’s practically nothing. ;-)

*Via Outblush*

Recently carried bag: Chloe Betty


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C’mon Lottery, I deserve you

March 11, 2007 at 6:05 am by Designer Ella

A very helpful and kind commenter wrote in to my last post;

michelle Says:

wow- you need help-

Mega MillionsAnd she is so right! I need to win the lottery, preferably more than the current $19 Mil jackpot, but we’re (my family) playing anyway. (How nice of us to the government.)

We played faithfully, and I worked on my karma, figured out what good I would do with the money, etc. But we still lost! There were two winners, one being a truck driver from Georgia. Grr.

But come on lottery! I know you’ll get me. I’ll accept any amount of several millions, really, don’t think I’m selfish.

Not at all, here’s what I would do with my own $390 million (reduced after taxes and split three ways with my parents et moi):

  1. Put most in my savings account STAT to start earning interest before I decide what to invest in. My “spending money” will sit there, too, until I transfer it to checking to spend it baby!
  2. Give three whole million to my best friend! He’d be set! (Although he tells me to tell the gods I’d give him nothing, since he’s bad luck. I just can’t lie though! I’m too giving.)
  3. Pay off all my debts. (I can’t believe I racked it all up this year!) Oh, lord, do I need you lottery!
  4. Buy a condo in Florida, a house in the suburbs of Boston, and a place on Cape Cod. And that’s it! Until I eventually get a place in/near NYC.
  5. Start an abused animal rehabilitation/foster/adoption organization. I even picked out its name and .org domain. (No, I didn’t buy the domain, heh, but I hope no one takes it.) I wouldn’t really be able to physically volunteer much, but I would constantly donate “designer” dog toys and organic healthy food. And dog water. They make special bottled water for dogs that’s much healthier, and I think that’s good.
  6. Buy every single handbag on my wish list, plus two Hermès Birkins.
  7. Actually start buying designer clothing, but you know what—I’ll still get bargains at Forever 21 and H&M! How ’bout that?! I won’t be too spoiled.
  8. Donate gads of money into the network and hope to see a return.
  9. Put family, friends, and talented bloggers, etc., to work and pay an overly fair salary.

Not to mention my mums - who is disabled from an accident and really struggling - would no longer need to worry about money.

You see, I would be the best candidate to win the lottery, because I will save animals, give broke people full time jobs (or pay them like it), move the economy, be a great bill-receiver (is that a thing?), and have the money to be near different friends and family at different times more often. It will all go back in some way or another.

Chloe BagAnd I can have handbags, muah ha ha. I’ll never need a ban. Although - YES! - I will restrict myself. It’s true. Not too many exotics and only expensive bags that are dreams! Oh and no waste-of-money cheap bags. Bah.

So - what would you do with Mega Millions $$$? But don’t make it sound to good, because I need to deserve it the most!

Recently carried bag: Chloé Betty “Sugar Plum”


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This Shopaholic’s Budgeting — Purse Ban!

March 6, 2007 at 7:28 pm by Designer Ella

It’s true, I must put myself on a serious handbag restriction. I might buy one Coach this month, and perhaps an Isabella Fiore from Neimans after I pay the bill.

I went into this figuring out my budget, getting depressed, not sure I could stick to a purse restriction, but basically what money I have this month (since it needs to go to bills, to invest in the network/my business and to buy plane tickets for Spring Break) doesn’t give room for bags. I couldn’t possibly not stick to my bag ban.

No Shopping

And you know it doesn’t feel so bad. I hope to have the funds, thanks to eBay selling, to buy a bag and maybe a couple small things at the COACH Preferred Customer Event, but other than that I’m so over needing to buy handbags all the time. Oh don’t get me wrong, my designer wish list is still huge, and it worries me that I won’t be able to score catches by the time they’re gone, but overall I’m less into it.

Chloe BagI’m even less into carrying my bags. I think it’s because I sort of resent them for me spending my money on them. Yeah, perhaps silly.

Anyway, I’m doing it, I’m budgeting. I’m doing my best to pay off my CCs, and I’m sort of not broke.

I’ll keep you updated.

Recently carried bag: Chloé “Sugar Plum” Betty


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